aiou course code 8625-2 solved assignment autumn 2022

aiou course code 8625-2 solved assignment autumn 2022

Course: Higher Education (8625)                      Semester: Autumn, 2022

Level: M.A/M.Ed

Please read the following instructions for writing your assignments.

(AD, BS, BEd, MA/MSc, MEd) (ODL Mode)

  1. All questions are compulsory and carry equal marks but within a question, the marks are distributed according to its requirements.
  2. Read the question carefully and then answer it according to the requirements of the question.
  3. Avoid irrelevant discussion/information and reproducing from books, study guide or allied material.
  4. Hand written scanned assignments are not acceptable.
  5. Upload your typed (in Word or PDF format) assignments on or before the due date.
  6. Your own analysis and synthesis will be appreciated.
  7. Late assignments can’t be uploaded at LMS.
  8. The students who attempt their assignments in Urdu/Arabic may upload a scanned copy of their hand written assignments (in PDF format) on University LMS. The size of the file should not exceed 5 MB.ASSIGNMENT No. 2

    (Units: 5-9)

    Total Marks: 100                                                                             Pass Marks: 40


    Q.1   Explain with specific example the relationship of higher education with employment situation in the developing countries.                                                                                                     (20)

    Q.2   Explain the concept of economics of higher education in Pakistan. What are different ways of financing higher education in Pakistan.                                                                                  (20)


    Q.3   Discuss need of assessment in higher education in Pakistan? Up to what extent you are satisfied with the present assessment system and how it can be improved?                                         (20)



    Q.4   Critically discuss Quality and Access as to two problems in higher education. Suggest some ways to address these problems.                                                                                                     (20)


    Q.5   What is meant by continuing education? Highlight its significance for a society and individual.            (10+10)


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