aiou course code 8621-2 solved assignment autumn 2022

Course: Broadcast Media (8621)                                    Semester: Autumn,2022

Level: B.Ed. (1.5)                                                                                                     


Note:   Following points must be kept in mind while writing your assignment. All questions are compulsory and carry equal marks.


  1. The questions should be addressed completely in the light of study guides and reading material. Avoid from irrelevant information and reproduction of text. In such cases no credit will be given.
  2. Read from different sources like online and write it in your own words with proper citations. The writing format is American Psychological Association (APA).
  3. The assignment should be a comprehensive, well prepared document with proper references at the end of each question separately.
  4. The assignment must be in typed form. Submit both in hard and soft form.
  5. The assignment must reach on or before the last date of submission. Late assignments will not be accepted.



Please read the following instructions for writing your assignments. (AD, BS, BEd, MA/MSc, MEd) (ODL Mode)


  1. All questions are compulsory and carry equal marks but within a question, the marks are distributed according to its requirements.
  2. Read the question carefully and then answer it according to the requirements of the question.
  3. Avoid irrelevant discussion/information and reproducing from books, study guide or allied material.
  4. Hand written scanned assignments are not acceptable. However, the students who attempt their assignments in Urdu/Arabic may upload a scanned copy of their hand written assignments (in PDF format) on University LMS. The size of the file should not exceed 5 MB.
  5. Upload your typed (in Word or PDF format) assignments on or before the due date.
  6. Your own analysis and synthesis will be appreciated.
  7. Late assignments can’t be uploaded at LMS.


Total Marks: 100                                                                             Pass Marks: 50


(Unit No. 5-9)


  1. No. 1 Write a detailed note on the production process of television programme. (20)

سوال نمبر 1     ٹیلی ویژن پروگرام کے تیاری کے عمل کی تفصیلاً وضاحت کریں۔

  1. No. 2 Describe the importance and procedure for preparation for script for radio. (20)

سوال نمبر 2      ریڈیو کے لیے مسودے کی تیاری کی اہمیت اور طریقہ کار کی وضاحت کریں۔

  1. No. 3 Why do we need evaluation? Discuss the nature and scope of evaluation. (20)

سوال نمبر 3      ہمیں جائزے کی ضرورت کیوں پڑتی ہے؟ جائزے کی نوعیت اور دائرہ کار پر بحث کریں۔

  1. No. 4 Write a detailed note on producer as a production staff. (20)

سوال نمبر 4      پروڈیوسر بطور پیداواری سٹاف پر تفصیلی نوٹ لکھیں۔

  1. No. 5 Discuss the importance of the financing of broadcast media in distance education. (20)

سوال نمبر 5      فاصلاتی تعلیم میں براڈ کاسٹ میڈیا کے لیے مالیات کی اہمیت بیان کریں۔


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