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aiou course code 6505 keybook download free

Write down the distinctive features of Islamic society and compare the contemporary society with ideal Islamic society.


Islam is the religion of truth. It is the epitome of the code of life which Allah, the Creator and Lord of the universe, has uncovered for the direction of humanity.

For the legitimate improvement of human existence, man needs two components: (a) the assets to keep up with life and to satisfy the material necessities of the individual and society, and (b) information on the standards of individual and social way of behaving to empower man to satisfy himself and to keep up with equity and quietness in human existence. The Lord of the universe has given to both of these in full measure. All to take special care of the material necessities of man, He has made nature’s assets available to him. To accommodate his otherworldly, social, and social requirements, He has raised His prophets from among men and has uncovered to them the code of life that can direct man’s moves toward the correct way. This code of life is known as Islam, the religion taught by each of the prophets of Allah.


Allah said:

Say, “[0 Muhammad] we have confidence in Allah and in the Revelation given to us, and to Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac Jacob and the Tribes. We have confidence in the Revelation that was shipped off Moses, Jesus and any remaining Prophets from their Lord. We see no difference amongst them, and to Him we give up.” (3:83; 2:136)

He has uncovered to you (O Muhammad) the sacred text with truth, affirming what was uncovered before it even as He uncovered the Torah and the Gospel before as a manual for humanity and has uncovered the Criterion (for deciding concerning good and bad). (3:3-4)

Every one of them called humankind to the method of the Lord, the method of accommodation to Allah. Every one of them gave a similar message, and every one of them represented a similar reason: Islam.

George Bernard Shaw is accounted for to have said:

“I have consistently held the religion of Muhammad in high assessment as a result of its great essentialness. It is the main religion which appears to me to have that acclimatizing ability to the changing periods of presence which can make itself appeal to each progress in years. I have concentrated on him – the great man – and as I would like to think a long way from being an Antichrist, he should be known as the Savior of Humanity. That’s what I trust in the event that a man like him were to expect the tyranny of the cutting edge world, he would prevail with regards to taking care of issues in a manner would give it much required harmony and joy. I have forecasted about the confidence of Muhammad that it would be adequate to the Europe of tomorrow as it is being OK to the Europe of today.”

The inquiry is, what are those attributes of Islam which have won great many devotees to the Faith previously and which make it so interesting to the advanced age? A portion of the significant qualities of Islam are given in the accompanying pages.

Effortlessness, Rationality and Practicality. Islam is a religion with practically no folklore. Its lessons are basic and comprehensible. It is liberated from strange notions and silly convictions. The unity of Allah, the prophet hood of Muhammad, and the idea of eternal life are the fundamental articles of its confidence. They depend on reason and solid rationale. Every one of the lessons of Islam stream from those fundamental convictions and are basic and direct. There is no pecking order of ministers, no unrealistic deliberations, no convoluted rituals and ceremonies. Everyone might move toward the Qur’an straightforwardly and make an interpretation of its directs into training. Islam stirs in man the staff of reason and admonishes him to utilize his mind. It orders him to see things in the radiance of the real world. The Qur’an encourages him to implore: O, my Lord! Advance me in information (20:1 14). It affirms that the individuals who have no information are not equivalent to the people who have (39:9), that the individuals who don’t notice and comprehend are more terrible than cows (7:179), that the implications of disclosure become manifest to the people who have information (6:97) and who have understanding (6:98), that whosoever has been given information to be sure has been given a plentiful decent (2:269), that the fundamental capabilities for initiative are, in addition to other things, information and actual strength (2:247), and that of everything it is by ideals of information that man is better than holy messengers and has been made vicegerent of Allah on the planet (2:30).

The Prophet of Islam said: “He who leaves his home looking for information strolls in the way of Allah” (Tirmidhi and Darimi) and “To look for information is mandatory for each Muslim” (Ibn Majah and Bayhaqi). This is the means by which Islam delivers man once again from the universe of strange notion and haziness and starts him into the universe of information and light.

Once more, Islam is a down to earth religion and doesn’t permit guilty pleasure in unfilled and purposeless speculating. It says that confidence is definitely not a simple calling of convictions, but instead that it is the actual heart of life. Equitable direct should follow confidence in Allah. Religion is something to be rehearsed and not an object of simple empty talk. The Qur’an says:

The individuals who accept and act uprightly, delight is for them, and a joyful home to get back to. (13: 29)


Also, the Prophet Muhammad said:

“Allah doesn’t acknowledge conviction on the off chance that it isn’t communicated in deeds, and doesn’t acknowledge deeds on the off chance that they don’t adjust to conviction.” (Tabarani)


Consequently Islam is a basic, objective and viable religion.

Solidarity of Matter and Spirit. An interesting component of Islam is that it doesn’t partition life into watertight compartments of issue and soul. It stands not so much for disavowal of life but rather for the satisfaction of life. Islam doesn’t have confidence in parsimony. It doesn’t request that man stay away from material things. It holds that profound height is to be accomplished by living devoutly in the crude of life, not by repudiating the world. The Qur’an encourages us to supplicate as follows:

“Our Lord! Give us something fine in this world as well as something fine in the Hereafter.” (2:201)

Allah unequivocally rebukes the individuals who won’t profit from His endowments. The Qur’an says:

Say: “Who has taboo Allah’s luxury which He has delivered for His workers and the healthy things from (His) arrangement?” (7:32)

Islam’s directive is:

Eat and drink, however don’t be luxurious. (7:31)

The Prophet said:\


“A Muslim who lives amidst society and holds on for persistence the burdens that come to him is superior to the person who evades society and can’t bear any off-base done to him.”

What’s more:

“Keep quick and break it (at the legitimate time) and stand in supplication and dedication (in the evening) and have rest – for your body has its freedoms over you, and your eyes privileges over you, and your significant other has a case upon you, and the individual who visits you has a case upon you.”

On another event he said:

“These three things are likewise urged upon the steadfast: (a) to help other people, in any event, when one is financially frustrated, (b) to ask fervently for the tranquility of all humankind, and (c) to direct equity to one’s own self.”

Subsequently Islam concedes no partition among “material” and “moral,” “unremarkable” and “otherworldly” life, and urges man to give every one of his energies to the recreation of life on sound moral establishments. It instructs him that moral and material powers should be welded together and that otherworldly salvation can be accomplished by involving material assets to bring about some benefit for man in the help of simply closes and not by carrying on with an existence of plainness or by taking off from the difficulties of life.

The world has endured on account of the one-sidedness of numerous different religions and belief systems. Some have laid accentuation on the profound side of life yet have disregarded its material and unremarkable viewpoints. They have viewed the world as a deception, a misdirection, and a snare. Then again, materialistic belief systems have completely disregarded the profound and moral side of life and have excused it as made up and fanciful. Both of these mentalities have brought about catastrophe, for they find denied humanity of harmony, happiness, and serenity. Indeed, even today, the awkwardness is appeared in either heading. The French researcher Dr. De Brogbi properly says: “The peril innate in too extreme a material civilization is to that progress itself; it is the disequilibrium which would result if an equal turn of events, of the otherworldly life were to neglect to give the required equilibrium.”

Christianity blundered on one limit, while current western human advancement, in both of its variations of common free enterprise majority rule government and Marxist communism, has failed on the other.

 As per Lord Snell:

“We have constructed an honorably proportioned external design, however we have ignored the fundamental prerequisite of an internal request; we have painstakingly planned, finished and made clean the beyond the cup; yet within was brimming with blackmail and overabundance; we utilized our expanded information and ability to direct to the solaces of the body, yet we left the soul devastated .”

Islam looks to lay out a harmony between these two parts of life – the material and the otherworldly. It says that all that on the planet is for man, yet man was made to fill a more significant need: the foundation of a moral and simply request that will satisfy the desire of Allah. Its lessons take special care of the profound as need might arise of man. Islam urges man to refine his spirit and to change his day to day existence – both individual and group – and to lay out the incomparability of directly over may and of temperance over bad habit. In this way Islam represents the center way and the objective of creating an ethical man in the help of an equitable society.

A Complete Way of Life.

Islam isn’t a religion in the normal and mutilated sense, for it doesn’t limit its degree to one’s confidential life. It is a finished lifestyle and is available in each field of human life. Islam gives direction to all parts of life – individual and social, material and moral, monetary and political, lawful and social, and public and worldwide. The Qur’an charges man to embrace Islam with next to no booking and to heed Allah’s direction in all everyday issues. As a matter of fact, it was a sad day when the extent of religion was restricted to the priva


Discuss critically educational objectives given by Shah Wali-ul-Allah.


Shah Walliullah was an extraordinary Muslim reformist of eighteenth hundred years in India. He was a splendid mastermind and researcher with basic knowledge of political situation of that time. He worked for the advancement and genuine training of Muslims on right Islamic standards. Around then in the Muslims subsequent to mourning India eminently planned to lose power. The decay of Muslim rule in India had previously started and Muslims were being taken advantage of at each aspect of life. To welcome Muslims of India on right way and help them Shah Walliullah buckled down. He was brought into the world on 21st February 1703 in Delhi and he passed on in 1762. His dad was a well known strict character around then his name was Abdur Rahim he was a popular educationist who was running a Madrasah called Madrasah – I-Rahimiyah. Shah Walliullah got his initial training under his accomplished dad who showed him well and he was likewise signed up for Naqshbandiyya Sufi request to improve his otherworldly knowledge. Before long

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